Five rings stacked with names and a heart

Why should you buy from me?

The stackable name rings were one of my very first products. The WordWrap O.G. They were simple, rustic and yet, somehow at the same time, elegant. And oh, so versatile. As far as the amount of rings one can stack, you are only limited by the length of your finger.

If you search stackable name rings in your web browser, my site will show up in your search. Along with about 57 other sites selling similar rings. This is how this country works. So many options for stackable name rings. So why, you might be asking, should you buy stackable name rings from me?

  1. My products are made exclusively by hand. My hands, to be accurate. Every single one. That means sometimes my kids are waiting for dinner, if I’m trying to get an order out the door. (And with three growing boys, you can imagine how that goes over.)
  2. I have years of experience and thousands of five star reviews. I first started this thing in 2017 as a creative outlet and a hobby when my boys were tiny. I threw together an Etsy site, just curious if anything would sell. It did. And it grew. And six years later, here we are. (A ginormous high five to all my customers! I couldn’t do it without you.)
  3. When you buy stackable name rings from me, you literally support a family. I am not being over dramatic. I bring in the bulk of income for our little family of five. And living in a place postcard like Bigfork, MT … well let’s just say … it’s not cheap.

I could go on making my case for why you should buy stackable name rings from me. But really, if you’re still reading, and you’ve gotten this far, you’re probably in. So my guess is you’re going to end up doing that. 🙂

So I’ll save us both some time.

Here you go.

You’re welcome.

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