Babys Hand on Mothers Hand with Three Silver Stamped Rings

Stackable Name Rings … Classier Than a Tattoo

I have three sons. When we were choosing their names, we put a lot of thought into the meaning of each name.

Three boys wearing backpacks standing against a stone wall
Malachi, Jude and Everett

Choosing names for our children felt like a BIG decision.

My oldest son is named Malachi. This means messenger of God. (And he is. Often and poignantly.)

Our second son is Jude, which means praise. (This boy is a deep well of passion and authenticity.)

And our last born is Everett, meaning strong. (And being the third of three boys, he is strong. In every sense of the word.)

I love the meaning behind their names.

I know I'm not alone. Throughout history and across the world, names have played an important role in shaping culture.

Names are significant. Names carry meaning. Names bestow purpose. Names give honor. Names tell a story. Names pass on legacy. Sometimes names are a lament. (Jabez, anyone?) Or a memorial. (Christopher, in our family.)

A name is almost never just a label.

That is why I love the whole concept of stamped jewelry. It is literally permanently marking a piece of silver with meaning.

Our stackable name rings are the perfect simple, yet elegant way to mark the names of those who have captured your heart. And stack as many or a few as you want. The look is versatile and unique. In fact, if you have a set and decide you want to add one more, just add it to the stack!

A woman holding a mug with three silver stamped rings on her fourth finger.
Stack 'em up.

So do you want to commemorate someone?

Our stackable name rings are less permanent (and far less painful) than a tattoo, but equally as meaningful. (And we'd say a lot more classy. But that's just us.)

So do you have names that you've specifically chosen that hold deep meaning for you? We'd love to hear them. Share them in the comments.


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