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How to Find Your Ring Size

So you want to buy a stamped ring, but you don't know your ring size. No problem! There are several easy ways to find out.

Use a Different Ring You Wear

You can easily find your size by measuring the inside of a ring you already own that fits well. Ring size can be determined accurately by measuring the inner diameter in millimeters

Use a Digital Caliper

The most accurate way to measure for ring size is with a digital caliper. A caliper is a simple tool used to measure the dimension of an object. Calipers can be either digital or analog and vary in size. You can buy a basic caliper at any hardware store.

a white caliper on a blue background
This is a caliper

Use a Ring Sizing Chart

If you don't have a caliper, you can print a ring size chart like the one below, and compare your ring to the images. Make sure your scale is the same by measuring the ruler at the bottom after printing. Be sure to measure the inside edge of the ring. If it falls between two sizes, choose the bigger size.

Here's an idea! If you are trying to buy a stamped ring for someone else you can keep it a surprise if you can get your hands on a ring of theirs.

What if you don't have a ring that fits? No problem. You can buy a sizer for just a few bucks, but it is still a good idea to measure the ring that fits rather than just using the size they say it is.

A Few Final Things to Keep In Mind

  • Ring sizers vary in size. (I have 6 and they are all different.) This is true even if you get sized at a jeweler. Accurately measuring the diameter is the best way to get a ring that fits.
  • Ring sizes vary from one finger to the next, even on the same hand. Don't guess at your size based on a different finger!
  • Finger size can change slightly due to extreme cold or heat, or temporary water retention.

Now that you've learned how easy it is to find your ring size, you're ready to pick out your favorite stamped ring. And choosing which stamped ring to buy will certainly be the hardest part.

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